Saturday, January 31, 2009

Circus Anyone?

This morning Ash and I awoke at the crack of oh 1pm. I turned to her and asked, “So do you still want to go the circus?” Last night a couple of customers asked me if I had ever been to the circus, basic, standard question not really anything out of the ordinary.  The circus doesn’t really make its way to Alaska very often, so obviously I have never been to the circus. The next thing I know I am being invited to the circus in Queenstown.  This afternoon Ashley and I ventured on gifted tickets to the traveling New Zealand Circus, “Out of Africa” showcasing the spectacular 6yr old hoola hoop extraordinar. As I was watching the acrobatics of the day I realized that I have a pretty cruisy job considering I literally do not have to perform back flips for my paycheck.  Usually I complain about having to carry heavy boxes and breaking glasses, but my life isn’t in danger from fire limbo and ring.  These guys were either amazing or insane.  I asked my new friend Erik from Kenya what makes one decide to join the circus.  His answer was simple and reasonable, “It was work.”  Then my next thought was how does one advertise themselves to be apart of the circus?  I’m still waiting for an explaniation to this question.  

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