Saturday, January 24, 2009


Christmas this year was very interesting especially since this is the first year either of us have been away from family for the holidays.  Although we missed you greatly, we had a surprisingly fantastic day. We had played around with the idea to move Christmas to another day and go camping instead but alas we couldn’t get the time off work so we were stuck in Queenstown.  For me the holiday started on Christmas Eve.  I actually had to work, but luckily there is a law stating that alcohol isn’t to be served on Christmas day, so it was a short shift.  After work I headed home around 2am; Ash and our two other roommates had made a fantastic Christmas Eve feast.  We had pasta and red sauce, homemade hummus, and red wine (it is New Zealand).  We all headed to bed after dinner to wake up late to pancakes and the viewing of one of my Christmas favorites “National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation”.  It was a perfectly leisure day!  Because of so much activity on the day we each took a well-deserved nap. 

Because we don’t have an oven in our little apartment we weren’t able to make any kind of meal for the day, so we headed out for Chinese.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like Chinese food.  Well actually it was the only restaurant in our prince range that was open on the day.  It turned out to be a great decision, seeing as we hadn’t left the flat all day.  We dressed in our best clothes (well really it was whatever we had with red, white, and green) and headed out of our apartment. 

While living with Dana and Tatty we have been reminded to say our “thankfulls” daily.  We have been so thankful that our time in New Zealand has not been in vain, and we have met people that we have genuinely connected with.  I am thankful that I could spend Christmas with people that know and love me; especially when those that know and love me most are so far away.  

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