Monday, February 9, 2009

I love Complimentary Rafting

In Queenstown there are two types of bars, backpackers/travelers bars and the locals bar.  I am the bartender at a local’s bar called Red Rock.  Basically what this means is tend to see the same customers everyday or just about everyday.  Some of our regulars have been coming to Red Rock for years, which is why we call them “seniors”.  Our other regulars are the local adventure guides.  We have the AJ Hacket Crew (bungy jumpers), the Mad Dog River Surfers, and more commonly we have the Queenstown Rafters.  Well last week we were sitting in the famous beer garden (my day off work) at Red Rock and a couple of Rafters made their way to where we were sitting.  After a bit of discussion I decided to brave the question, “so, when are we going rafting with you?”  Dean-o happened to be the leader of the trip the next day and said if there was room he would love to take us.  Keep in mind the idea of space available.  There were three of us that wanted to get on space available, so we didn’t get our hopes us just in case of disappointment.  We woke up on Monday super early, 7:15am, and then drove to the rafting site.  When we first arrived Dean-o called me aside and told me there wasn’t enough room, and we wouldn’t be able to go.  I asked if it would be all right if we stuck around until all the guests showed up just in case someone didn’t show.  This turned out to be a great idea, because at the last minute Dean-o called Ash, Dana, and I down to go rafting.  The girls and I were so excited that Dana did a bit of a happy dances, and I waved my arms with glee.  This was by far my favorite thing that I’ve done in Queenstown.  We basically just coasted through an amazing valley for a couple of hours with some really fun guys.  The serious upside of serving at a locals bar is definitely free the easy target for jokes and river throw ins.   It was all worth it, so fun.  When I asked the Rafters about payment their answer was simple, “You take care of us daily, so we want to take care of you today”.  Fair enough I think.  

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Suzanne Townsend said...

I hope the water was warm!