Sunday, April 12, 2009

Final New Zealand Blog

As our time in New Zealand has wound down, Ash and I have had ample time to reflect on the last 6months.  For our final post of this adventure, here is a list of the things we have learned throughout our experience in New Zealand. This list is in no particular order.

1.  Toilets are obsolete; sticks and leaves are just as good as TP.

2.  One can live on Beer, Wedges, Gummy Bears, and Gelato.

3.  Why would anyone ever pay for accommodation?

4.  All food worth eating can be prepared with boiling water.

5.  It’s completely acceptable to get ready for the day in parking lots, (even with old men peering through the window).

6.  It’s not abnormal for a stranger to take our picture (with their camera).

7.  Why build a two-lane bridge when one lane will do?

8.  We really do have best friends we hardly know.

9.  Israeli guys are hot.

10. We always have money for beer and coffee.  ALWAYS.

11.We’re really good at doing nothing (we knew this before though).

12. The Southern Night Sky is amazing.

13. Everything is Sababa.

14. Always say thankfuls.

15. After 10days, a shower is warranted.

16. Deodorant is only necessary when in a strangers company.

17. “No camping” signs suck

18. When we grow up we will have “Please Camp” signs on our lawn.

19. People don’t tend to sing as much as we do.

20. Shadflies are everywhere we want to be (they are the bane of my existence).

21. When presented with a “2-4-1” voucher always share the first, and decide later if the second is a good decision. 

22. Not only does New Zealand make exceptional wine it brews quality beer.

23. Kiwi birds are a ploy to recruit tourists (Hello, they’re nocturnal).

24. When you go on a 10day tramp you should bring 13days worth of food and fuel.

25. Bringing 40 Cliff Bars apiece across the Pacific Ocean was clearly the right decision, Thanks Gary.

26. Now is clearly a good time to not be in the United States (good thing we’re simply home for the summer).

27. We love Pirates, Ninjas, Sharks, and Dinosaurs.

28. The Colossal Squid… definitely not disappointing. 

29. You don’t need shoes to go into the grocery store or restaurants…actually you don’t need shoes anywhere.

30. A queen size air mattress does not fit in a 2person tent (learned that one the hard way)

31. A tent isn’t suitable for permanent residence? Huh.

32. Cattle are much less hostile than moose and bears.

33. All I can say is our lives are pretty plain; we like watching the puddles gather rain.

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