Friday, October 17, 2008

Last US day :(

October 2, 2008

The other day was our last day in the United States. We ported in Kona, Hawaii, and once again neither Ash nor I had really done any research on the port before he headed off the ship. We tend to do things the cheapest way possible so we just figured we would get off the ship and walk to the nearest beach. After about an hour or two of wandering around trying to find a beach we realized Kona doesn’t have sandy beaches (at least where we were). It all turned out well because we tend to get distracted very easily. We had seen a sign for $2 Mai-Tai’s. Quickly we forgot about our original days plan and we sat in the sun with our liquid treasure. As we were sitting here enjoying we thought, “I haven’t had Mai Tai’s since the Pirate Ship”. I know that doesn’t make sense to most of you…

Please don’t think that we are completely lazy and only sit around pondering and wasting time (even though we are really good at pondering and wasting time). We actually accomplished a ton while sipping our many Mai-Tai’s. Kona was the last place we had cell service, so we had to make the essential phone calls to our mothers (We love you!). Basically it was a couple of hours of passing our phones back and forth talking to everyone. Thanks for calling us back.

We tend to discuss events and conversations immediately after they happen which might seem monotonous, but is actually surprisingly fulfilling. We are able to recall later much of what has occurred because of these “instant repeaters”. The other day we were discussing and laughing about how ridiculous we really are. Technically we are homeless, jobless, broke, and we don’t really own anything of value. Our address is actually Dawn Princess, Pacific Ocean. In all honesty we really shouldn’t be here, and should be seriously concerned about having no finances. The people that travel these excursions have retired from their million dollar jobs and have really put a lot of effort in life to be here. In our reality, we are completely comfortable and completely at home. We are traveling in leisure and we are 23 years old, ridiculous. I am pretty sure when we tell the story of our life to people on the ship they don’t believe us or take us seriously. In reality this shouldn’t be surprising, because there really is no rhyme or reason to this lifestyle, vagabonds shouldn’t travel lavishly. When we say our plan out loud we usually begin to laugh and start to understand their point of view to our ridiculousness. Essentially, we don’t have a plan. As of now we know we are going to be in Sydney for 10 days, and we are going to be-bop around. And from there we know we are going to be in New Zealand until next spring. We don’t know what we will be doing, but we’ll figure that out when we get there. People ask, “Do you have a job?” We just answer, “No, but we’re really not concerned because things tend to work out.” The next question usually, “Well do you at least know anyone in New Zealand?” “No, but we make friends fast, so fairly soon we will know a lot of people in New Zealand.” I am pretty impressed with us though, because we did book a hostel for the first three days we are in each country, so that’s a step in the right direction.

I think the reality is, we have figured out how to make our life work. We live dirt-cheap and stand in the grocery story debating 25c items. This allows us to cruise and see the world. Moma always said, “ The world is out there, go get it!” We live and we are blessed.

Per Charity “My name is Melody, and I do whatever the F*ck I want”.

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